"Cherche La FA!" - Look for a woman! About beautiful girls, how to choose a girlfriend, how to choose a husband, and much more... All this is completely normal and does not require you to know anything about fitness at all. You can read about this topic in our magazine, but we decided to leave it here... What we will say in our opinion: The most important criteria that should be taken into consideration when choosing a girlfriend or husband is: - She must be thin, flat-chested, slim, and of European descent. - She must be able to hold a conversation about food and nutrition with you for the first 1.5-2 hours after meeting you. - She must be able to laugh at your jokes and jeers. - She must be able to slow down your walking speed by at least 20% (in humid or rainy conditions). - She must be able to hold a conversation about sports and nutrition (even if it is not about archery). - She must be able to quickly and energetically work (without being injured) on the set of "300 Little Mysteries". In the following articles, we will explain in detail about the methods that we use to screen out bad girls. If you are interested in learning about these methods, then write in the comments what would you like to know more about, and what would you like to know from our side. Good luck to all =)

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